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A BIG Welcome to The Sleep Studio!

Just over three years ago we decided we’d like to do something a bit different from the sheep farming life we had enjoyed for over 30 years. We knew that wool was a fantastic natural fibre, historically significant but now relegated to a mere by-product of the sheep industry. So, when we discovered that British wool was being used to make luxurious, modern, practical bedding we were both excited and delighted and keen to get involved!

Our journey into the wonderful world of wool bedding has brought us to our latest venture, opening The Sleep Studio at our home near Bramford, Ipswich. Here at Sycamore Farm we have converted one of the farm buildings into a beautiful new showroom, offering a full range of machine washable, organic bedding and beds from ‘woolroom’. Completely chemical free, hypoallergenic, sustainable and biodegradable, this traditional raw material is handcrafted into a dynamic new collection of beds and bedding for our discerning clients.

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