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Bob’s Blog May 2019

Bob’s Blog May 2019

By on May 21, 2019 in Blog

Nothing epitomizes the springing of Spring more than the sight and sound of newborn lambs leaping about in meadows rich with wildflowers, surrounded by hawthorn hedges fresh in bloom!  We have just finished lambing and what fantastic weather we’ve had to lamb our sheep outside!  There is a slight lull now before we start shearing, but more about that next time.

As a livestock farmer, my ears prick up when I hear the constant discussions about climate change on the radio, of course I’m interested in the arguments that livestock are a factor when it comes to global warming, however, I’m not convinced that this seems to be adding to the problem of climate change or is a threat to the planet.  In fact it seems to me that this more natural approach to producing our food and is the way we should be going.  Contrary to the negative media assertions that farmed livestock are destroying the planet, this natural approach is carbon neutral as grazed grass will be capturing Co2 from the atmosphere and offsetting the methane produced from the animals. In my mind there are other, more important ways we can be helping the planet by thinking more about what we are buying and how it is produced.

Every time I go onto Facebook  I’m bombarded with ads for memory foam mattresses full of non recyclable hydrocarbons and fire retardant chemicals which have taken their toll on the planet, not only in their manufacture, but also, when they come to the end of their life in how they are disposed of. It seems to me that many people are missing a trick when it comes to making changes to help the planet.  It makes sense that the less processed our food, our clothing and even our bedding is means it has less of an impact on the planet and it’s better for us. Take sheep’s wool for example, we have a fantastic source of completely natural fibres that can be used to create the most comfortable mattresses and bedding with many more benefits for good health and proven better sleep. It hasn’t been processed with chemicals or sprayed with anything nasty, it’s natural, and it breaths with your body which is why it makes fantastic clothing and bedding. This is just one example of how you can make a difference to your life but also to help the planet too.

Here at Sycamore Farm, we are consciously making more of an effort to think more about what we buy, not just the end product, but how it’s been grown or manufactured. David Attenborough once said ‘Being in touch with the natural world is crucial’, I happen to agree with him.