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Hello and welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

By on Mar 16, 2019 in Blog

If you are reading this you will know that we have just launched the new Sleep Studio website.  Take some time to explore what we have on offer and, if you’d like to find out more, pay us a visit or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Throughout the coming months I hope to be able to tell you all that is new and interesting about the Sleep Studio, and the fantastic wool beds and bedding that we sell here.

Having been a shepherd and sheep-farmer for over 40 years I also thought that the journey I have travelled to be in this position might also be of interest as well as all the sheep and sheep related happenings that go on around the Sleep Studio and Sycamore Farm in general.

The whole concept of wool for bedding with all the many benefits for health and the environment have been known for many years and I believe that it is such a waste that wool as a fibre has not been more valued  because it has so many wonderful and unique features.

The ‘woolroom’ range of bedding, we sell here at the Sleep Studio was born in 2012 as a direct result of the campaign for wool headed up by HRH Prince Charles who has involved himself in so many projects to promote all that is good within the UK .

With the largest sheep flock in Europe and  subsequent wool clip we have a versatile and sustainable resource which has been undervalued and neglected to date, but with your help, we can spread the simple knowledge that wool bedding, which has been proven to deliver up to 25% better stage 4 sleep, can help to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

I hope that you can pay us a visit soon and I look forward to sharing some sheep stories with you next month.

Bye for now, Bob