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What We Sell

Natural Bedding

Welcome to your new way of sleeping!
Our natural bedding range is designed to be cosy and warm, but not too hot, helping you get a healthy night’s sleep. You’ll find duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers and more; all made from British wool or alpaca fibres, encased in natural cotton.

Sheep have got it sussed. Wool has a whole range of qualities that can help you sleep better. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. Research suggests wool bedding can help provide up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling revitalised and ready to face the day.

Night sweats, allergies, simply being too hot or too cold – sleeping with wool can help to alleviate disturbances that wake you during the night.

Its heat-regulating qualities keep you warm when you’re cold, and cool when you’re hot. Meanwhile, its hypoallergenic properties help to keep dust mites, fungus and other allergens at bay. All of which makes wool a smart choice for sleep, which is why we incorporate this miracle fibre into all our natural bedding sets, duvets, pillows and more. Buy the bedding that helps you sleep better – and discover the difference.

Our Deluxe range is machine washable too, so you can invest in our bedding, knowing you can keep it looking its best.

Wool Mattresses

British, handmade and naturally comfortable.
All of our mattresses contain natural fillings, no synthetics and no flame retardant chemicals.

It’s comforting to know that your mattress is made from natural materials – with no nasty chemicals lurking inside. And when you buy a Woolroom chemical-free mattress, you get just that. Our organic wool mattresses are made from 100% British wool and are handmade (and hand-tufted) by our experts, right here in the UK.

Thanks to the natural, thermo-regulating properties of wool, it helps to keep you cool when you’re hot, and keeps you warm when you’re feeling the chill. These are benefits that synthetic-filled mattresses just can’t deliver.


Wool Beds

Experience your comfiest sleep yet with a wool bed.

Exclusive to Woolroom. Handcrafted in the UK. Discover our premium range of upholstered bed frames and true edge divan bases, designed to transform your bedroom into a sumptuous sleep sanctuary.

We know that getting your bed just right is important – which is why our wool beds come in a variety of sizes and with various options. Choose your perfect combination to create your most comfortable, most stylish bed.

Divan bases:
Our divan beds range in size from single all the way to large emperor, so you can find the right fit for your room. Looking for a divan bed with storage? We can add drawers to your divan to give you all the storage space you need.

Upholstered bed frames:
In two classic designs – The Amelia and The Isabella – customise your wool bedstead by choosing from a selection of fabric colours and patterns. Available in double, king and super king sizes.

Looking for the perfect mattress to partner with your new bed? Take your comfort to new levels with a premium wool mattress from our natural collection. Discover our Classic, Deluxe and Luxury ranges today.

Woolroom’s 5 or 10 year guarantee
Depending on which bed you choose, when you buy a wool bed from us, it comes with a 5 or 10 year warranty. Our divan beds and upholstered beds are designed to be long lasting. They are made from slow-grown pine which provides stability. All of which ensures you have peace of mind, as well as a peaceful night’s sleep.

Wooden bed frames – why not design your own?
We can make wooden bed frames to order. So if you have a design in mind, just ask us!

Bed Linen

Beautiful crisp white bed linen made exclusively for woolroom from 200 thread count certified organic cotton yarn.
Available in Oxford or Housewife finish.

Home and Leisure

Wool Blankets & Throws
Everything from plain hues to woven wonders, we have something for everyone. Using only the finest natural fibres we have beautifully woven winter warmers to suit any interior. From merino wool blankets to lambswool throws, they’re perfect as a gift to treat someone special…or to treat yourself! Visit us today to feel how soft and cosy our selection is.

British Wool Socks from West Yorkshire Spinners
Made with soft, yet durable wool from Bluefaced Leicester sheep. These are the best socks you will ever buy! I bought some a couple of years ago and they are warm and cosy without being too hot. I’m delighted that we have these available in the Sleep Studio. There are lots of colours to choose from including plain. They make a wonderful gift!

Local Suffolk Sheepskin Products from ‘Woolly Comforts’
Our friends from Woolly Comforts have produced some amazing sheepskin products to grace your home. Each item is unique and guarantees that you will have a truly individual product. We have rugs, hot water bottle covers and cushions on display here at the Sleep Studio, pop in to feel how fantastically soft they are.

Natural Skin Products from Romney Marsh Wool
We all know that wool can be used for a variety of different things, but you can even use the lanolin which sheep also produce naturally in wool to make wonderful skincare products that are 100% natural. Here at the Sleep Studio we have a range of skincare items you will love! They make great gifts or why not treat yourself?


Baby and Nursery

Our Baby wool range of nursery products is designed to be as natural and healthy as possible. Free from synthetics and rich in natural, sustainable fibres. Baby wool products are the safe choice for babies, helping them to settle sooner and sleep more soundly. Make sure your little ones get a healthy start.